Take it from the little guys, June 14, 2012 Daily Reflection

Working Together

My son and my nephew were playing in the dirt together on the playground. My son was digging up the dirt and placing it in my nephew’s little dump truck. Then my nephew would haul the dirt and dump it. They were working together; one would give and the other would receive.

There was harmony among the two. No one screamed this is not fair I am always giving or I never get to receive. They both had a part to do. They did their part and enjoyed the time they played together.

We need to be more like that 7 year old and 2 year old. We need to stop worrying about what is “fair” and enjoy working together. We need to do our part on the team. Can we adults handle such a simple concept? Or do we hear ourselves yelling that’s not fair constantly? Take it from the little guys do your part, enjoy your time and just get the job done together.

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