TARC, October 22, 2018 Daily Reflection

I caught his glance across the aisle of the public bus. We locked eyes and both dispersed the connection; to our the windows, a glance to the driver, eyes shifting to the signs of the lawyers who would sue for injuries. Eyes shifting, but not landing on an actual interaction.

As he looked away I saw him. I saw him sitting there. His walker handle gripped by his wrinkled black hand. His white stubble beard, his slumped shoulders and eyes searching for something he could not find. I wondered about his life. I saw but a moment completely out of context and formed by my imagination, perspective, and ideas. I looked, but could never see this man who sat across from me. I could never see unless he invited me to see. Once more our eyes fell upon one another and we connected only for a moment.

I rode on that bus
rode on that TARC
on that transportation system
that way to move
way to go
to exist
and saw a life.

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