Teachable Moments, August 9, 2018 Daily Reflection


As a parent and a teacher I have often heard the phrase, “that was a teachable moment.” There are times in life that can be perceived as horrible times when we just want to bury the memory. Those are some of the most teachable moments that will aid us in real growth. There are other times in life that we want to embrace and simply enjoy, those too are teachable moments. The funny thing is a teachable moment is not just the ones where we teach others. Those are moments that we too can learn. Every moment in life can teach us about how to live, give, care, and thrive.

Recently, I was approached in a negative way by someone who doubted my ability and my work. Instead of becoming defensive I simply engaged the person and asked kindly about their reasoning. I listened, gave feedback and never forced my ideas or tried to prove myself. I gave the person the space to say what they needed to say and simply stayed open and present. I had to resist the urge to defend myself and instead listen. Listening, giving space and honor to another person’s feelings is sometimes the best thing possible. Typically that person just needs to be heard. They usually can’t be persuaded. I hope that the respect I gave helps them to understand I do sincerely care. It was a teachable moment in life. I think I handled it well. Although it hurt my feelings and my ego, I refused to let that lead me. I just stayed present to the other.

Every moment we can learn if we are present to it. We have to be intentional about learning. Today, take notice of the moments. We only have so many!

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