Teaching in a Catholic School, March 25, 2014 Daily Reflection

High School where I teach

High School where I teach



Teaching in a Catholic School is not a job it’s a vocation, rather a calling from God to give who you are to your students daily. Not only can I say “God” in our school but I am called to say “God is with you every moment of everyday, search Him out and love Him.”

I am a theology teacher but my ministry goes beyond the instruction of the Catholic Church, on a deeper more fundamental level it is helping to form the faith lives of my students. Within the Catholic School I am called to aid my students in discovering God with creativity, different forms of prayer, writing about their spirituality and giving them the opportunity to find God in various ways daily.

No, this is not a job it is a ministry that I have been graced with by God. Daily I ask for God to give me the words to inspire these teens to search out an anchor in the storms of this life and a faith that will sustain them and bring them to God all the days of their lives until one day they are held in His loving arms in heaven.

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