What are we teaching our children? February 28, 2017 Daily Reflection

Me and my daughter

“Our purpose in life isn’t to be well known. It is to help the people who need help.” – Anna Disselkamp

My daughter received an invitation packet from The National Academy of Future Scientist and Technologist to take part in an elite program. The letter tried to convince her that she needs them if she wants to go places. “The question is will you ever reach your full potential? Or will you end up a follower rather than a leader? A person who history completely forgets because you are so forgettable?” My daughter and I laughed through the entire letter. It was meant to motivate the insecure to find worth in fame. My daughter knows that success is not based on power, glory, wealth, or possessions. She knows it is about following your calling and utilizing your gifts from God, for the good of all those in need. She has learned that lesson from her family and a good solid Catholic upbringing.

What are you teaching your children?

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