Teaching, March 8, 2017 Daily Reflection

Students with Creative Prayer

My philosophy of teaching is not, “sit and get” like the old style. I believe we form relationships with our students, share our knowledge, experience, and understanding of the subject. There is a new awareness that our students are not like the students of other generations. As a student I had to seek the information in an encyclopedia, through a library, or text books. Our students have information in their hands daily. They need to be taught the best way to seek the information and how to fully comprehend it. They need to be taught ways to collaborate with their peers as well as adults and find creative solutions to life’s constant problems. Our students need to be able to present their ideas articulately, through the spoken word, written words, and alternative models. Our students will have careers in fields that have not been created yet. They need to be prepared to think beyond borders, and complete structure, to see new perspectives, to lead by following, organizing, and motivating others to strive to do their best. Our students need to be given the freedom to seek, learn, understand, create, innovate, and achieve. Teaching is no longer just giving information and waiting for it to be written word for word. Teaching is introducing new ideas and allowing our students the time to analyze, critically think about, and eventually articulate their new understanding of a concept. It is making concepts relative to their lives so they will apply it in their future. As a teacher I plant seeds, water ideas, and watch them grow.

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