Teaching Moments, November 29, 2011 Daily Reflection

My son making a pie

I taught my 12 year old son how to make an apple pie on Thanksgiving Day. I let him cut the apples, mix the ingredients put it into the pie crust and prepare the top crust anyway he wanted. He also put it in the hot oven. My son made an apple pie. Many of you have probably cooked with your children before. I have as well but to let him do the entire pie on his own was a big deal for both of us. It tasted excellent after our Thanksgiving Feast!

Not too long ago my son said to me “I need to learn how you are cooking food mom. I will have to do it on my own one day, you know.” So now he watches more closely and I try to teach him how to cook. He is only 12 but wants to learn. As moms we have to be aware of those opportunities those moments in life when they are open and ready to learn and take hold and make them moments of learning. Instead of saying I don’t have the time right now, we need to say come here let me show you how.

We are rushed in life to get things done but if we don’t slow down our children will never find a voice loud enough for us to hear them say “Teach me please”. As parents we have to be aware, listen and be ready to teach, not when we are ready but when they are open to learn. Many parents have told me these opportunities often times come in the car. So turn down the radio even if it is your favorite song and have conversations. One day that same song will play and no one will be in the car but you. Today, make that child your priority and watch for those teaching moments.

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