How has Technology changed your world?, May 29, 2013 Daily Reflection

At my Doctor’s office

I went to my doctor’s office recently for an annual checkup. I was greeted by a receptionist who gave me this tablet. She said “Follow the prompts.” I sat down in the waiting area and filled out all the information from my birth date to insurance information. On the last screen it prompted me to pay my co-pay. I swiped my debit card along the side of the tablet. I then turned in the tablet and was seated again.

Technology is changing our world in positive and negative ways. The positive is the pace at which tasks can be completed. The negative is the lack of personal interaction we have with others. Recently I was speaking with a manager of a video gaming store about the effects of technology. What he noticed the most was the lack of conversations he is able to have with his customers. He said they are comfortable with emailing and texting but not talking. I also shadowed a religion teacher at a Catholic High School. Her observation was that the students do not communicate as freely as they once did. Apparently many students don’t want to give their input or explanations for fear that their words may be distorted and posted or tweeted.

How has technology changed your world? I have allowed over 3000 “friends” to read my thoughts and writings. I have been supported through prayers and positive thoughts by strangers. Technology has moved me forward in my writing and “friendships” in many ways. How has technology changed your world? I would love to open a conversation about this question. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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