Thank You! August 19, 2016 Daily Reflection

ThanksEarlier this week I was modeling a creative prayer with my students. The prayer was centered around thanks. Each student prayed thanking God for a talent given to them. Later, I asked each student to take out their phones. They looked shocked. I said, “Text as many people as you can thank you.” The responses were humorous. One mom texted, “Get off your phone. You are in School!” Another responded, “Are you OK? Is something wrong?” One mom took a picture of the text and posted it on FaceBook for all to see how thoughtful her son was. Their homework was to thank as many people as possible that day. The next day they wrote the names of all those people they had thanked. I asked them what the effect of all this thankfulness was? They said it made others happy which made them happy. Thankful people are happy people.

Thank you for reading my blogs! Thank you for your constant encouragement and support over the years!

Today, thank at least 15 people who you love. They will feel so blessed and that feeling will just be passed on and on.


  1. your loving dad
  2. Annette

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