Thank You Nicki, February 2, 2015 Daily Reflection

Anna after her last basketball game of the season

Anna after her last basketball game of the season

My daughter is in the 8th grade and will be finishing her last basketball season at her grade school. She has played for the same coach for 8 years. At times she was the assistant coach but most of those years she was the head coach. This woman has been such an instrumental part of my daughter’s development not just in sports but as a girl playing a sport.

Her coach, Nicki, has given her more than she can possibly imagine. She gave her confidence to believe that girls are not just as good as boys but can dominate any field! She has developed her skill set from a very young age, challenging her to push just a little harder to learn a little more every year. She has graced her with the ability to know respect from a coach who will never belittle her players, but will be honest and coach with respect, never screaming at the players and calling them names. She has always brought prayer to the practices and the games, teaching that faith is a part of sports that should not be left out. She has been a rock in her life for many years and we will miss her coaching, consistency, compliments, and unconditional love she has had for our daughter.

Nicki, you helped to form Anna into the athlete she is today! Thank you for all the years of coaching and teaching my daughter to learn more, be respectful on and off the field, to be humble and to play with her entire heart. Thank you!

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