Thank a Teacher Today, October 27, 2017 Daily Reflection

Make someone smile

Yesterday, I received an email from a very considerate woman in our community. Last week I took our sophomore class on a service field trip. We visited 5 different service organizations who help people in our community. It was a day filled with awareness about injustices and places where people find hope to resolve some of those issues. One of the contacts emailed me a thank note. She stated how important it is for young people to understand and know that there are places in our community that can help, and that my students can serve as part of the solution. She thanked me for my leadership. I truly appreciate when someone thanks me for my time and effort. I know that my energy, creativity, and ability to work comes from the grace of God. I only hope that my actions can pay tribute to the glory and honor of God.

Today, think about a teacher who deserves your thanks. Believe me, teaching is a thankless job. Any teacher would be touched by a thank you! Take a moment and make someone’s day with a note of appreciation.

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