Thank YOU God, November 25 Daily Reflection



His daddy’s eyes, his mom’s nose, his grandpa’s chin, the smile of an angel’s; “Who made you that cute Spencer?”  He always replies, “God did!”  “Yes, he did son, because I could not have made something that amazing!”

There is no child cuter, more precious, more well behaved smarter or better than your own child.  My mother in law’s mom always said “Every old crow thinks her’s is the blackest”.  That is so true.  We love our children beyond reason or understanding.

How blessed are we as moms to be able to watch our children grow.  To be the one they yell for when they fall on the ground.  To be the only person to make the hurt fade so quickly.  To be loved like no one ever has or ever will love us again.  To be looked at with “rose colored glasses”.  To be mommy, what a privilege and a pleasure. 

Sure being mommy is not easy, convenient or always a pleasure.  We do not hear compliments on our cooking or discipline styles.  We do not hear thank you for bathing, clothing, sheltering, teaching and loving our children unconditionally.  We do not get all the sleep we need, all the meals eaten hot or get to relax very often.

We do get to read their favorite stories and snuggle together.  We do get the most sincere hugs, the sweetest kisses and looks that say “You are my safety, my security and my life.”  We do get love that is unfailing and unconditional.

Thank you God for giving me the honor to be a mom, to love like I have actually given my heart away, to be loved like you love each of us.  Thank you God for the most important blessings in my life Ethan, Anna, Spencer and Jake, I treasure and love them like only a Mommy can do.  Thank you God!!

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