That old tree, May 7, 2012 Daily Reflection

The tree in the cemetary

This great old tree has witnessed the weeping of those laying their loved ones to eternal rest. It has stood tall as so many have come and laid flowers upon their graves. It has heard those prayers, cries of despair, and begging for a different outcome. It was there before the people were. As a seedling it swayed in the wind as the sun shone upon its leaves and the nurturing rains raised it through its maturity. Its leaves weep in sympathy; its branches curve as if to give comfort to those in sorrow. Its beauty radiates from its knot holes to its spring leaves. Many have sat beneath its shelter to take refuge from the storms of this life. It shades the hot and gives breath to our lungs. It will stand steadfast beyond our passing and will witness as we too leave our lives and settle into our earthly home and the tree will thrive. It is a witness, a testament to the stability of God’s nature as here among the dead it continues to give life.

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