The Acorns, November 2 Daily Reflection

The Acorns

They were on a mission to gather all of these red acorns that they could find in the neighbor’s yard. First they used their hands to carry 5-10 at a time, then they used their shirts, then they found the little green wheel barrow. They worked on this task diligently for close to an hour excited each time to return to the table with more, finding just the right place that was empty to fill in with their newest find.

God leads us when we let Him.

God has a path in mind that He would like us to follow but we have free will so we can do as we please at all times. We can gather the acorns with our hands just a few at a time, with our shirts dozens at a time or with the wheelbarrow hundreds at a time. We are all given different gifts from God that fit specifically to us and us alone. Did God give you the gift to find a few treasures in your life that you could lift up and bring to the table to join the rest of us? Did God give you the enthusiasm and energy to encourage and lift up dozens at a time to bring to the table? Did God give you a natural charisma that attracts hundreds at a time to you and you lead them to the table?

In our deepest needs and desires if we admit the truth we want to be with others, loved, nestled close and complete together. In our humanness we fear that we will be that acorn left in the neighbor’s yard that no one picked up or found worthy to be brought to the table. We are all worthy because God doesn’t make anything or anyone that He doesn’t love. Let God guide you to His table. Let your hand be the outstretched fingers that reach to pick up another to bring to the table. Let God work through your unique gifts and life to bring peace, love and completeness not only to your life but to the life of those around you. Who will you lift up today?

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