The Artist, September 30, 2011 Daily Reflection

The art of nature

It’s as though someone took a white canvas and started painting beauty. The artist painted with just the right amount of sky blue and added strokes of white to streak through the sky. Then she took hues of brown to create the depths of the rocks. She painted the puddles to reflect the brilliance of the sky and dotted the horizon with darkest shades of green to display the trees. She leaned back and looked at her creation and decided something was missing. She painted a father and a daughter in the distance out for an afternoon exploring the rocks and the water together. She looked once more and thought now it is just right.

How can anyone look at this picture and believe there is no God, no higher being who created the sky, the earth, the water and humanity? As for me I believe. I only have to open my eyes to see the beauty of this world that cannot be created by man alone. God is an amazing artist and I for one appreciate His art. What about you?

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