The Autumn of life, October 12 Daily Reflection

fallen leaves

Are you in the autumn of your life? Have the leaves gone from that fresh baby green color to the bright colors of adulthood to the point where they have fallen from the trees and the new youth walks gently upon them on their paths of this life? It’s all such a journey from birth to death; so many different stages, lessons, growth and changes. The only thing we can count on in our lifetime with 100% accuracy is that there will be change. We must learn to adapt to change or the growth and development of our lives will be stunted.

When my children say “Mom did they have computers when you were my age? You know in the old days, Mom?” It always stops me cold and I think to myself 36 is not old!! Then I say “36 is not old!”

We witness our children growing up so quickly that we have little time to notice we too are growing older.  As moms our concentration is on our children not on ourselves. Suddenly they ask you such questions and the earth shifts a bit. I remember being their age and my mom was 40 and that was old, back then. But 30 is the new 20 and 50 is the new 40 right? Who truly wants to age except for the young? We want the benefits of the wisdom and making the better choices but we don’t want to slow down and have aches and pains. We want to be healthy and young at heart. There are billion dollar industries that invite us to the fountain of youth so we can become ageless. Who are they kidding? We are aging, all of us at the same rate.

We must adapt to the changing of the seasons of our lives so that we can find peace and serenity within each of its unique times. Isn’t it better to embrace the change than to fight it? Reflect on where you have been and where you are now. Treasure the memories and take hold of the present, learn from it, grow and live in the moment before it is gone once more.  Adapt, accept and embrace the autumn of your life.

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