The Banquet Table, February 11 Daily Reflection

The Banquet table

Do you think a place has already been set at the table for us? The elaborate china, the silver to its side, the fresh flowers in the cool water, the table cloth laid out and the napkins dipped in silver to match have been arranged just so and the wooden chair drawn back from the table awaiting our arrival. The sun is beaming through the window panes warming the scene and welcoming us to the feast, the banquet readied for its guests.

 Has God chosen you to dine with Him for an eternity?

What a warm feeling to think that God has it all prepared in an honor of each of us. That God might celebrate the life we lead here on earth in the form of a party upon our arrival. That God might know exactly the moment of our entrance and greet us leading us to the table. Will we only recognize Him in that moment? Or do we recognize that He is trying to lead us in the here and now to get to the then and there. Are we following Him now? With whom do you dine? Where do you receive your nourishment and sustenance in this life? Are you worthy to sit with God at this grand table?

None of us are worthy, none of us are perfect, and none of us can make this idea a reality. We can seek God out, form a relationship with Him and do His will daily but it is only by His grace that we will ever see the banquet table. It is by His grace that a chair has been drawn back from the table awaiting our arrival. We are given this precious gift of life to celebrate, to live to the fullest and to be lead by His will daily. We must do this gift justice by doing what He calls us to do today. Then maybe by His grace we will see the banquet table in all His Glory and Splendor.

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