The beauty of the trees, November 16 Daily Reflection

Fall Beauty

Although it appears to be one beautiful tree of color if you look closely you will see 4 tree trunks. The trees all blend together to make one pleasing sight.

We are all individuals given life by God with an intention that we search our entire lives to find. Yet we all exist together on this planet in this home of ours. In our culture we are encouraged to stand out above the others, prove our worth in this secular world. But in many of our faith communities we are encouraged to be unique but join with the group to become one amazing entity for God. If the tree stood alone taller and stronger than the others then the others would pale in comparison. However, because they stand united blending their own characteristics together the sight is beauty.

The biggest challenge of our lives is to find our purpose. When we start that process we find our unique qualities and God given talents. Those talents are to be used for the benefit of others not just ourselves. If we choose to share those talents with others we can aid one another’s purpose in this life. If we build it up together we can build the Kingdom of God here on earth as Jesus taught. However, we need to be willing to give more and take less. We need to be willing to blend our talents with others. We need to be willing to grow not apart but together in honor of the purpose God set us upon this earth to fulfill.

Will you be that tree among the others today, tomorrow or ever? The choice of course is yours alone.

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