The Bees, June 29, 2012 Daily Reflection

The Bees

My kids love to explore everything. On our trip to Bernheim forest they had to check out the Bee habitat in the education center. My oldest was trying to spot the queen bee. Instead he discovered two bees on either side of another bee with its wings in their mouths. They were carrying the bee to the top of the box.

We wondered; were they helping the bee? Was it the queen bee and they were carrying her to her throne? Could the bees be preparing a meal? Maybe they were just kind bees and wanted to help.

The way we interpret the actions of others is the same. We all come from different experiences, emotions and attitudes. So when we witness life our life taints our perspective; sometimes to the positive other times to the negative.

My son believes that people want to help one another and that the bees were trying to care for an injured bee. I being the realistic mom thought maybe they were going to eat it. Regardless of the truth we always slant it to our perspective.

How does your attitude slant your reality? Does it make life negative, sad and discouraging or positive, happy and encouraging? What do you think they were doing with the bee?


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