The Berries on the tree, September 22 Daily Reflection

The berries on the tree

These are the berries on my dogwood tree in my front yard. These are the berries that the squirrels have been endlessly feeding off of for the past few weeks. The first time I heard the chattering and clawing I looked all around wondering what that annoying racket might be and then I saw the squirrel crouched on the tree branch, berries between its little hands nibbling away. I thought to myself I am happy that my tree can provide food for those who need it.

Does the racket of others who feed off of the berries of others trees annoy you? Do you think each squirrel should own their own tree, plant the seed, water it and watch it grow before it should have the treasures of the berries? Of course not we humans are happy that the animals of the world have found a way to be nourished and taken care of by God.

Yet, how do we treat humans? We complain that the government has programs to help those who need the food. Some of us even want proof that they “need” the food given to them. We complain that there are those who abuse the system that spoil it for the rest of those we find “worthy” of the nourishment. Do we have the right to judge who has true “needs” and those whose “needs” are fake? Is it for us to judge whether that man on the street corner holding the sign has a job, an addiction or a home? Is it the right of each human to look down on other humans if they are not as “good; clean cut, educated, well dressed and well mannered” as we are? Who appointed us as the judge of who should be given what is needed and who should be denied?

We treat the birds of the air and the squirrels of the field better than we do our homeless and less fortunate and they are human just like us. Yes, I said like us. Do you think God thinks you are better because you do not eat out of a dumpster and you have a $300,000 home, 2 cars and a huge bank account, because you are a responsible well dressed citizen?

 God sees our hearts, our souls and He sees past all the earthly details the clothes, the possessions and the pride. God knows if we are generous, open and kind or if we are selfish, judgmental and apathetic to the rest of the human race.

So the question is are you ok with feeding others from the fruits of your labor, regardless of their amount of “need”? Will you leave that up to God and just give for the innate goodness that God placed in your heart at the beginning of your life? Or will you complain of the endless chatter that is caused by those squirrels eating away at your treasured berries that God so graciously bestowed upon you?


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