The Birdhouse, September 20 Daily Reflection

The Birdhouse

You could easily miss the birdhouse depending upon which path you meander down, it is slightly hidden by the leaves and the flowers. However, if you choose a different direction it is very prominent in the garden. Funny how which path and direction you choose in life reveals a completely different picture although the same things remain in place yet our vision is limited by our direction.

How much do we see in our lives and how much do we miss because of the direction we choose or do not choose each day? The simple act of a person letting someone merge onto the expressway occurred right in front of you but you were on your cell phone and did not notice. That man holding the sign at the exit was trying to make eye contact with you but you were adjusting your radio. That person at the light looked over at you in your car but you were texting before the light was about to turn green. That sunset left the most beautiful amber hue hanging in the endless clouds but you ran into your house to get the kids ready to go to practice. Your spouse was going to say “Hi” but you had to change so quickly that you just ran past him. Your child tried to give you a hug but you were already in the car yelling “Get in or we will be late!”

It’s the tendency of our hurried lives that we succumb to all the haste that so much of our day is ignored. We walk; drive and run past our lives instead of living within them. Is 30 seconds really all that long? That’s all it takes to notice that the bird house was right there, kind acts were taking place, people were looking for your mercy, others wanted to connect with you, God tried to reveal a natural beauty, your spouse tried to love you and your child wanted your time.

What direction are you going in your life or is the haste of your life draining all of its meaning? Slow down, look up, notice life, seek what is being revealed to you and love the ones who are reaching out to love you. Today, stop the hectic pace, stop letting life drag you in its insane path and live your life!


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