The Blur October 18 Daily Reflection

The Blur

It’s a blur sometimes. Our life in high speed definition, stuck on fast forward. That speed with which we multitask is unbelievable.  The noise that fills our ears daily is almost deafening. How on earth can we concentrate and listen to anyone else when all we hear is the Boss barking orders, our spouses asking what we have planned for tomorrow, our children asking for help with their homework, the chimes on our blackberries signaling another email has come in, the text on our phones saying that PTO meeting was postponed because of an outbreak of the flu at school, the TV blaring, the video games shooting and the smoke alarm going off because now we are burning our frozen pizzas because God knows we don’t have time to actually make anything healthy much less from scratch, we are not Betty Crocker you know?

Does any of that sound familiar to you in your life right now? Are you wondering how on earth to bring that picture back into focus so it stops hurting your eyes? There is a way you know. Slow down and put one more thing on that ever growing To Do List, on your blackberry, Google calendar or just on your paper calendar. Put God on your list. Seriously in black and white bold print at 8am to repeat for the next 2 years. You will not believe what seeing God’s name daily will do for your life. Try it, I did. Now every morning at 8am I say a prayer, take a deep breath and center my thoughts. Then I head into that blur but I try to do it with a little more focus on Him instead of just all the things I have to do. Try it today and let me know what it does for you.



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