The Boy and his Dad, July 13 Daily Reflection


I spotted him walking towards the soccer field with his little boy. The boy could not have been older than 7, sporting his red soccer socks and soccer ball in hand. The Dad looked a bit harried and hurried because they were obviously late for the start of the soccer camp. The boy was crying as he was being gently pulled by his very tall Dad towards the soccer field almost ignoring the tears. Then suddenly the Dad stopped and pulled the boy to him stooped down to his level looked him in the eyes and…hugged him tightly, kindly with empathy and kissed him on his forehead. The boy sniffled returned the hug and more calmly entered the soccer field as though he was ready to play now.

Witnessing the scene I thought for sure when the Dad stooped down to the boy he was going to grab him by the face and lecture him on being a big kid. I thought the boy would be disciplined in front of me and I was scared for him. But somehow that Dad gave his child exactly what he needed in that moment. Where the Dad found his patience I will never know. But in that moment he was the best dad in the world in that boy’s eyes and mine as well.

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