The Bridge that links You, June 29 Daily Reflection

The footbridge in the garden

The bridge links our past to our future, walking it, remembering, reflecting and understanding is part of the journey home.

So many times in our lives we experience life that we wish we had never seen, been a part of and we wish to block it forever from our existence. Those times are seldom dealt with and rarely ever understood. Pain is lasting and scars the human spirit so we avoid it at all cost. However, when we block the paths that formed us, the experiences that shaped our character can we ever fully evolve into the creation God envisions us to be? If we cross the bridge so quickly that we have little regard from where we came will we ever understand what we are searching for on the other side or will we just be running to get to the other side away from the past? As painful as it may be we must at some point revisit the past to walk freely towards the future.

So many of us just exist in life with goals of our culture to be rich, retire young, accumulate possessions and be treated well by others. What is it that you honestly want in this life? Do you know why you want for that? What values do you hold in the depths of your soul? Who taught you what you should value and respect, who formed your foundation? The majority of us want no part of such intense reflection who knows what we will find when we start digging. We may have to change our lives completely, how inconvenient that would be to do in this day and age. Do we want to live the life that God intended or do we want to live the life our culture endorses? The choice is up to you!

So will you turn around on the bridge look back and reflect on where it was you came from and what formed who you are and where you are today? Or will you continue walking aimlessly not really knowing who you are? The choice is yours today what will you choose? Do you love yourself enough to start the inward journey to your soul or will you continue to just exist?

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