The Canisters, December 31 Daily Reflection

My precious bear canisters

My precious bear canisters

Riding along in his Volkswagen Rabbit GTI with the windows down, wind through my hair, my boyfriend Aaron was flying down the road on our way to the lake for the day.   A handwritten sign, Flea Market ahead, just a bunch of junk scattered about on some long metal tables on the side of the road.  He slowed the car down because the car in front of us pulled off the road for the flea market.  That’s when I spotted them, the canisters.  I asked him in my sweet voice “Can we stop, just for a few minutes?”  He pulled the car off the road and parked in the grass. Back then, when we were dating, he was so infatuated with me he would have done anything for me he did those were the days…  It was very dirty, the junk displayed, except for the canisters. They had hearts on them, I loved all things hearts.  So I bought them a strange purchase for a 20 year old, not yet engaged on her way to swim at a lake.  But I knew why I bought them, because one day they would be on my counter in the home I would make with this wonderful man, Aaron.

It was a glimpse of the future.  Now 16 years later there they sit on my counter just as sweet as when I saw them the first time.  Are they trending or in style, no, they never were.  They were at a flea market for goodness sake.  I knew that I should have them though, because they were us, a cute little boy bear giving his heart to a little girl bear, excited and ready to receive it.

Have you ever done that; had a glimpse of the future?  Just a half of a second look at what it will be like?  Before you married your spouse could you see him cutting the grass in the yard or holding your daughter in his arms?  Have you seen it when you looked straight into the eyes of your baby and picture him talking?  Have you seen it when your daughter sasses you at age 4 and you can see the teen years as a flood that will one day drowned you?  Have you seen it when you have found your first gray hair and you can begin to see the lines on your face and know that it is starting to happen, you are aging?  Have you seen it just a little hint from God what He may one day ask you to do for Him?

Appreciate the present for one day it will be the past.  Embrace the ones you hold dear while they are here. Savor each moment with your little ones, they will grow.  Don’t put the relationship with your spouse on hold because of the kids, it is so easy to do, but the future is just the two of you, work on it.  Love who you are now and be open to who you will become.  Be aware for one day you will see a glimpse of God’s plan for you, be ready soak it in and live it.  Like the canisters that hold my necessities, God’s plan for you will hold your future; be excited about it take it home with you and live it daily.

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