The Card Game, December 18, Daily Reflection

Playing a card game with my children

Playing a card game with my children

The wondering, trying to read your opponents cues, or in this case your child’s facial expressions.  Will she actually use that draw 4 on me if she has it?  What color will he say next?  Whatever you do please don’t make me draw 2 again!  Uno!!  No not again.

It is so good to get down on the floor or sit at the table and play a card game with your children.  We love Uno all ages can play it, not too many rules and you just need to know your numbers and colors.  It is so adorable to watch my 4 year old play this game.  He takes his hand and lays it out for all to see, so that he can see what he has, it is not a secret to him, it’s just functional.  Then there is my 6 year old who says, “No peeking, you’re not peeking are you?’  Clutching the cards close to his chest making it difficult for him to see what he is holding.  My eight year old holds her cards loosely contemplating the next move not showing her cards but not hiding them either.

It all reminds me of how differently each of us hold our faith, regardless of the religion.  Some of us like  Spencer my 6 year old guard it so cautiously without sharing it with another person in their lifetime.  They believe that faith is personal, just between God and me, not to be shared, talked about or discussed with others.  It is mine and I like it and I don’t want to take a chance of losing it by showing it to others.  They keep it so close to their hearts that they have a hard time seeing it sometimes.

Then there are those like Jake my 4 year old who has no inhibitions about sharing his cards with others.  There are those with faith that show it in all that they do, they speak about their faith, they refer to God like it’s second nature.  They have no reason to hide their faith from anyone.  In fact having it out in the open allows growth from others to help them in the game and gives them the opportunity to see what it is all about constantly.

Then there are those like Anna my 8 year old who holds the cards not too loosely and not too tight.  With trust in others that they will not have their faith taken from them and not really giving it away.  Just content to be there contemplating the next move.  Not in fear but not in openess either, just really remaining.

So where do you fit in to the card game?  So many people are very intimidated by the thought of sharing their love of God and beliefs with others it’s as though if they open their hand their faith maybe somehow be lessened by exposure to others.  Then there are those who are in your face about their faith to the point that others wish they would just tone it down a bit.  Then there are those who don’t mind sharing sometimes, but are comfortable to hold it in as well.  

Do you want to hold your cards differently?  Do you feel God is happy with how you hold your cards?  Do you think God is OK with you feeling a little uncomfortable changing your position or do you feel your not even in the game?  

Today, take a few minutes to really think about where you are, where you feel you should be and where you want to be.  Then pray about it and ask God where He wants you to be!  Then little steps at a time change the way you hold the cards just a bit until it is right where God wants you to be.  Because like the object of the game UNO – ONE, he doesn’t want you to be ONE alone but be ONE with Him!

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