The Cattails, January 14, 2013 Daily Reflection

Cattails in Wetland at Mammoth Cave

The cattails were swaying gently in the slight breeze from the wetland. Some stood tall and strong and others looked bent and weak. They were all trying to feel the warmth of the sun upon their stalks. No matter how straight or bent, they were all exposed to the sight of the sun.

We humans are so much like the cattails; some of us in this life stand straight and tall confident that we want our God to see us and shower us with His unconditional love. Others of us are bent a bit, beaten down or just not as sure but we still want the love of God. We are just not as confident that we will receive that mighty gift from above.

In our lives we have a tendency to become a bit egotistical. We think about life from our own small perspective. It would be difficult not to, considering we live within our lives 24/7. However, thinking from our own limited view point limits God a bit. If we feel ashamed we assume God would be ashamed of us, if we feel unworthy, we think God would no longer accept us, if we feel happy, we think God would be happy with us. What we often times forget is that God is not human. God created human kind in his image but God is beyond all human understanding. If you read the scriptures and learn about Jesus Christ (God made man) He taught us that the Father (God) loves us without condition. Yes, God wants us to repent for our sins and to sin no more. Yes, God wants us to be good people and constantly try our hardest to be good. But no matter what we have done or failed to do God NEVER stops loving us.

There is no one among us undeserving of the love of God. Every cattail no matter how close to the water, bent, broken or cracked with disease, that the sun does not shine upon. God is light and His light shines upon all of us regardless of who we are or our actions. God maybe disappointed but He NEVER withholds His Love for each and every single one of us.

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