The Chimes of life, September 14 Daily Reflection

Jake sounding the gonging chime

In the garden we often visit, our little oasis of nature down the road, my children love to explore. Our neighbor is precious to us and she allows the children to touch everything always saying “Lori, they can’t hurt anything out here let them play.” Jake has found one of her many chimes and was using the bamboo she grows to hear the sound it makes when tapped upon the gonging chime.  Every child makes a different noise when they find the chimes. The more timid child tends to make a quieter noise. The louder children will just slam the chimes with a stick and some have even smacked the chimes.

What noise have you made with your life? Do you timidly approach your life and gently blow on your chimes as not to disturb others because you are quiet and shy? Do you take the bamboo and show the chimes that you own them and slam them at your pleasure disregarding the harm you might do to the chime itself? Do you approach the chimes with a respect as not to hurt them but to gently brush your hands along them so that you can witness the sweet music intended by the artist who created them? Does your life gently caress the life given to you by God so that you can discover all the goodness God designed for you in this life?

God gave us freewill we can do what we want in this life and treat it however we please. We can live in fear of what others may think of us and just barely make this life a tenth of what it could be. We can live in this life self absorbed and try to bleed it dry ignoring the purpose of it all. We can live a balanced life gently yet assertively letting the life we live, be full enough and confident enough to utilize the gifts God has given us in this life to make it truly a life filled with the beauty, love and pureness that God intended.

The choice is yours. How will you strike your chimes today?

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