The Christmas List – Tidbit

This tidbit is the Christmas List I will be referring to during my interview on Catholic Radio of San Diego:

“The Christmas List”

Making a gift list                                       Getting the tree

Christmas shopping                               Decorating the tree

Making gifts                                              Outside decorations

Wrapping gifts                                          Hosting parties

Mailing gifts                                               Preparing company meals

Writing cards                                              Making cards

Holiday baking                                           Making Christmas dinner

Home decorations                                    Holiday cleaning

Helping at church                                     Advent preparations

Preparing for house guests                   Packing

Travel planning                                         Planning family gatherings

Helping with school activities              Going to parties

Christmas activities at work                 Attending Church

  Visiting family and friends                  Traveling

Taken from Unplug the Christmas Machine: How to Have the Christmas You’ve Always Wanted – By Jo Robinson and Jean Coppock Staeheli

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