The Cobweb, August 11 Daily Reflection

Cobweb at Squire Boon Caverns by the mill

Cobweb at Squire Boon Caverns by the mill

 Are not two sparrows sold for a small coin?  Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s knowledge.  Even all the hairs of your head are counted.  So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Matthew 10: 26-31

Isn’t it hard to fathom that God knows about every sparrow falling and actually has a count of all the hairs on our head?  Yesterday I took my kids and one I babysit along with my sister her kids and babysitting kids, and another friend and 3 more kids to Squire Boon Caverns.  It was a wonderful field trip lots of interactive things for the children to learn about.  They made candles, they saw how the old mill works and how the energy is used to grind corn into cornmeal.  They sifted dirt and rock with water like the miners did.  Best of all we went on a tour of the cave, breathtaking. The site above was one of the first stops we made by the mill before the kids rushed to that waterfall you see in the background.  It is an undisturbed spiderweb.  With the sun reflecting on it, it just shone so brightly I had to take a picture.

As I looked through my pictures the cobweb again shone brightly.  I have always been amazed with how intricate a cobweb is and it is made by a spider.  Not an engineer who earns a degree in designing things correctly.  It wasn’t hand crafted by an artist with brilliant talent.  It was created by an eight legged spider created by God.  Which made me think about how God knows everything even where the cobwebs are placed by his furry little spiders. 

Teaching the concept of God to my children is not easy.  Spencer my 6 year old told me Saturday evening during Mass, in a not so quiet voice, “There is a mystery here you know.  No one knows where God came from.”  I responded in a whisper “Yes that is a mystery, there are many mysteries with God”.  My four year old wants so badly to have a concrete idea of God and where he lives.  In the car on the way home from the field trip yesterday the kids were asking about a deceased great grandma and questioned where she is now.  I said in heaven.  Spencer said “It’s up there.  In heaven is everything good that you ever wanted”.  I told him “But not things”.  He said “I know but God is there in heaven and with everyone and in every one’s house all at the same time, he is even in our house right now and we are not at home yet”.  I have tried to teach them about the word omnipresent – present everywhere, that God is omnipresent.  How confusing is that for a four year old?  But I have learned you answer your children’s questions the best and most honest and simple way you know how.  Luckily my other children are constantly trying to help me explain it to the younger ones.

It gives me personally such a warm feeling of relief to believe and have faith, like Ethan says “Faith is not knowing for sure, it’s believing without knowing its a fact” that God knows that on that little road in Corydon IN next to that old Mill built many years ago there is a cobweb.  If God knows that then he knows where I am now and that is a comfort to me that he cares to know.

“So do not be afraid; You are worth more than many sparrows”. 

 Each of YOU are worth more than many cobwebs to God!

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