The Coffee Shop, November 23, 2012

Coffee Mugs

It’s just a small unassuming coffee shop. It’s not Star Bucks with the hustle and bustle, long lines and high demand. It hosts a few tables and chairs and the local newspaper. There is no TV or blaring music. It’s quiet and peaceful. The shopkeeper knows the customers. “I will take 6 treats for my office please.” Says one customer headed off to work. From behind the counter she says “good morning” with sincerity. She asks “Will you be able to enjoy this beautiful day?” One customer replied “I wish I could enjoy it but I have to go to work today. See you tomorrow morning.” The door shuts and off he goes to work.

It’s as though in this little place he is known, they are friends. It is simple, kind and uplifting to start your day with a smile, and a kind word. I guess that is why so many walk through that door daily not for the coffee but for the kindness. They have found something the big companies have neglected authenticity, kindness, simplicity and friendship.


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