The Crackers, October 13, 2011 Daily Reflection

Jake feeding the birds

We stood on the boat in the bay and the captain handed out saltine crackers to everyone. Hold your hand up high into the air and the Seagulls will come and take it from you to eat. All my children tried. Some nervous about putting their hands in the air around the swooping birds, another one of my children wanted to just keep the saltine and eat it. Jake has his shaky arm extended and is waiting for a seagull to take what he has so he can give it away.

America has so many good hearted kind people who give generously and openly with their hands extended without shaking. They believe that opening your hands and feeding the hungry is what should be done. Then there are those who are nervous about giving to the needy, what if they hurt my hand, bite it or hit it when I am trying to give it away. Then there are those who want to eat that cracker and not share it with a soul.

How does your arm look? Is it extended waiting for someone who needs it more than you do to come along and get it? Are you nervous that if you give away your crackers you will be left hungry? Are you just sitting down in luxury enjoying your cracker, after all you earned it and there is no law that will make you give it away?

We should always give with a good and generous heart, openly and lovingly. Life is tough and sometimes our humanity, anxieties and selfishness stops us from giving.  What does your arm look like today? What do you want to do with that cracker? The cracker is yours and so is the choice.

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