The Cross, December 21 Daily Reflection

The Cross above my kitchen doorway

The Cross above my kitchen doorway

As you walk through the small kitchen doorway to enter my little dinning room you would probably not even notice the cross right above your head.  It is made of a material that looks similar to our counter top nothing fancy, stone of some type.  There is nothing extraordinary about the cross. In fact at this point I cannot recall who gave it to me, no sentimental value to it.

Do you have a cross hanging in your home somewhere?  An infant one hanging in your baby’s nursery?  A crucifix displayed in your child’s room from First Communion or another special event?  Did you receive a cross as a wedding gift from a very dear grandparent that has since passed on to the next world?  Has the cross been up for so long that it is rarely noticed?

This cross has no emotional attachment for me and is not a crucifix but the value it holds, whether I am conscious of it each time I pass beneath or not, is unbelievable.  It is a symbol that represents my faith in God that He made the greatest sacrifice possible for me.  God did not sacrifice the life of His only son just for those people in Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago.  God made that sacrifice with little old me in mind, insignificant me, who lives in an ordinary house, raising children like other moms all over the world.  God did it for me, no one famous, no one who is going to change the world with earth shattering discoveries for the cure for cancer, no one who will make mankind forge peace forever.  Nope God did it for me, he loved me that much that He stretched out His human arms in Jesus between the heavens and the earth and gave up His spirit so that I may learn to love selflessly, so that my sins would be forgiven, so that I may someday reach God and become one with Him.

Now here is the most amazing, dumbfounding, mind-boggling part of it all HE DID IT FOR YOU AS WELL AS ME!! He did it not knowing if YOU would ever accept that gift, that sacrifice, that pure and selfless love.  He did it without a commitment saying You would believe, that YOU would ever follow Him or acknowledge Him or Love Him.  He did it for YOU without asking for anything in return.  What’s amazing is He would do it again if it were only for YOU!

When I look at that cross that is what it means to me.  What does your cross mean to you?

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