Dandelion Seeds, May 2, 2012 Daily Reflection

Dandelion Seeds

The damp seeds, from the rainfall the night before, are waiting to be blown off of the dandelion head. They are drooping nearly touching the clover below letting the breeze take control of the flower. At any moment a seed could break free from the flower and float through the air to its destiny beyond this small field. It knows not where it will go but as nature would have it is open to the will of God.

We are dampened by the rainfalls of our own lives and happenings. We often droop feeling the ground below is too close and that we will fall and never recover. We do not naturally surrender our will to the will of God. We stand firm in our lives “controlling” our destiny through our own choices. We are not just blowing in the wind waiting for some random breeze to change the course of our future. We are stubborn and steadfast in our planning and we have little time to choose a different existence.

But what if we surrendered like nature does to God’s will. What would happen if we just let go a bit, loosened our grip, lightened our step and opened our mind to recognize the gentle breeze already in our life today?

What would happen if we took a moment to listen, to feel and to simply be present, not planning, but present? What would life be like if we were willing to be open to God’s will? Could we possibly find that peace we so desperately and secretively long for, or that rest that we never give into, or that goodness that we are trying to reach but just don’t have the time to find? What would happen if we just let go of that dandelion head and let God’s will lead us beyond our own small field?

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