The Dogwood Blossom, April 11, 2012 Daily Reflection

Dogwood Blossom

Its delicate petals are opened wide so that its seeds are revealed, its sweet nectar there for the taking, its scent floating in the air; my sweet dogwood blossoms. The pink has swirled within the creamy white hues and yet the petals are starting to brown and fade a bit, soon they will be blown into my yard leaving behind a healthy green leaf. The beauty of the dogwood blooms but once a year and only lasts about three weeks on my tree. I sigh when I look upon it knowing what is to come but rejoice in the beauty and pleasure it reveals in its peak.

My youngest son heard the sigh and said “Mommy, don’t you like the flowers?”

“Oh, yes I love them. They are so pretty and smell so good.” I replied.

“Then mommy why do you look so sad?” he questioned me.

“Because they will soon fall to the ground and I will not be able to enjoy them anymore.” I said with heavy sorrow.

A thought noticeably popped into his head and his expression changed from thinking to knowing and he said with a smile upon his face “Mommy, it happens every spring! You will see them again next year!!”

With that I hugged my little guy and said “You are right! I will see them again next year.”

My littlest guy is like that bloom he opens his whole heart, he reveals his sweetest thoughts and although sometimes he bruises and cries or complains he is ok with the changes that will come. He lets nature change, he lets his brothers and sisters grow. He let’s go and just rides the wind as he blows about in this life. He brings me sweet joy, beauty and precious words that make my heart dance. He is my reminder that life changes but there is always a beauty that waits in each tomorrow.

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