The Down Tree, June 2 Daily Reflection

Kids crossing the down tree

“Possible tornadoes in the area!” the weathermen alerted us of this for 2 days. We were so aware that many of us just slept in our basements that night. That night finally upon us and only a storm blew through our neck of the woods. Very appreciative that we suffered no devastation my children and I found a tree on our path that the wind splintered. The down limb lay across our path home from school. It was not a problem; actually it made for such excitement on the walk home. “We get to cross the tree mom!” Jake said as I picked him up from school that day.

Some people may look at the down branch as an obstacle but my children and the ones I babysit looked at it as an adventure. They had to figure out a way to cross it without falling down. They had to explore it and learn more about what had happened.

The following afternoon someone had already chopped it up and took the wood away. My children were so disappointed.

Life is all how you look at it. A down tree to one person is work, to another appreciation that the damage was not more and to the open innocent mind of a child an adventure.

How would you look at that same tree?

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