The Drain, October 30 Daily Reflection

Storm drain covered partially by leaves

Storm drain covered partially by leaves

Gusts of wind slammed into us as we left the gym from volleyball practice on a crisp fall day.  Stepping out into the cold we noticed leaves flying about.  Spencer and Jake were picking up leaves of different colors to show me their new found treasures. As I looked down at my feet I noticed the storm drain and thought we cannot see what is down there. Wondering how many leaves have slipped through the cracks and floated away with no one ever noticing.

How many of us slip through the cracks, that no one noticed?  How many people do we have the opportunity to encounter daily and instead of smiling we drop our heads and look to the ground and pass them up?  How many times have we walked straight passed people who care for us because we were running towards a goal?  How many times did we not notice someone who needed us and we let them slip down into the drain and can no longer reach them?

If you were a child who was not noticed, you probably make a point to notice others because of the pain that came with that neglect.  The majority of us are the ones who walk right passed the drain and never look down to realize we even passed one up.  How do we stop that blind habit?  How do we take notice and not drop our heads?

Smile, say hi, spread a little God daily.  Actually make it a goal in your morning to spread a little God to at least 10 people today.  Try to make it strangers or coworkers you fail to notice.  Take the time to take the time.  Our lives move so fast we fail to notice others.  We are just running full speed passed each other.  How many times have we not noticed?

Today think about that drain that daily you walk over and don’t realize it is even under your feet.  Reflect on who you could smile at and say hi to that you do not normally do this with.  Then actually do it.  You will feel good because you were kind but the people who you smile at will feel even better than you do because they will have been noticed.  Try it today 10 smiles that may take a total of 50 seconds of your life, I think we can spare less than a minute. We can spare that time so another one doesn’t go down the drain unnoticed.

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