The Driftwood, May 28, 2013 Daily Reflection

The Driftwood at the Falls of the Ohio

On a recent field trip to the Falls of the Ohio we decided to hike across drift wood. It was such a challenge. The children of course went at a quicker pace than the parents. Some of us were slow and methodical about which log we chose and others of us went quickly and depended upon instinct and just jumped. A friend of mine said “When I think about it too much I miss a step. You have to have confidence and just trust that you can do it without falling. It works much better that way.”

In this life we are all just trying to figure out which log to step across and which log to avoid. Some of us appear to do it better than others but all of us do it in different ways. There are those of us who are confident, not thinking twice just staying in a continuous flow of motion. There are others who evaluate every log in sight and test its durability before taking that next step. Still others look at the massiveness of the task and walk away all together.

However, if you look closely at the picture you will notice some children grouped together supporting one another. Others are independent and a few are waiting for those who are slower. There is also a parent helping a child.

Where would you be in this picture? Where are you in life? Do you have the confidence to just keep moving? Or have you given up and walked away from it all? Are you helping a child along the way or waiting to help someone in your life?

The most important part of the task is that we stay on the drift wood in a forward motion. As Christians we should depend on God to help us and live our lives helping one another. We should hold their hands, gather together and wait on one another. That my friend is called loving your neighbor.

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