The Earthworm, March 2 Daily Reflection


Wriggling, squirming, moving, searching for the soil he once shifted through only hours earlier; the earthworm looks lost, deserted and misplaced. A storm raged the night before and the earthworms were all over the sidewalks only inches, maybe one foot away from where they lived.

How often in life do we find ourselves just like the earthworm? We are uprooted by storms in our lives that pull us up from where we are comfortable only to leave us misplaced and aimlessly searching for the warmth of the soil we once knew. We feel abandoned by others and at times by God. We just squirm on the hard concrete with no sight to know which way is home and which way we will be stomped on and emotionally destroyed.

With every centimeter that earthworm continues to wriggle and squirm he is a centimeter closer to the soil. He is in the middle of a sidewalk and if he just keeps moving he will reach the safety and sustenance of the soil once more.  It is when he stops moving, stops trying to seek refuge that he will wither away in the heat of the sun.

When the storms of our lives rage against us, and they will, we will find ourselves misplaced, deserted and lost. When the storm has passed let us start that long journey home. Never give up the squirming, the motion to move back to the soil. Many times we will feel alone on the concrete and that God allowed this to happen to us and did not save us from the fury of this life. In those moments we must remember God has granted us Free Will. He gave us life and set us free and in doing so He doesn’t interfere. However, if we choose to let Him into our lives He will give each of us the strength to keep moving. He will help us to find the motivation to move to where there is more than just sustenance but also fulfillment in Him. Allow yourself the faith to believe that God will help you back to a new and better soil that is richer and fuller than anything you have ever known. Never stop the motion that moves you closer to Him.


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