The Eve, December 24, 2012 Daily Reflection

One piece is missing from our nativity

I think we are ready. The gifts have been bought. The packages wrapped. Christmas cards have been mailed and the cookies have been baked. The tree is decorated, the stockings have been hung. The plans have been made for visiting family and friends. The anticipation is on high and the children are beyond excited. The Nativity is set up and only one more piece needs to be put in place tomorrow morning. Right now it is Christmas Eve. Enjoy the moment. Live in the anticipation for in the morning our Savior will come and give us the greatest gift ever given to humanity the gift of salvation.

Tonight, sleep well, my friends for not only will Santa come but God’s only son will be rejoiced over tomorrow morning. Snuggle with your family, say I love you to your friends and remember who you are truly waiting for this eve of Christ’s birth.

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