The Eyes of God, November 20, 2012 Daily Reflection

The Eyes of God

The eyes of God fall upon us daily and what do they see?

Does God see the good in our hearts or the actions of self preservation that seem to master our lives? Does God see that we want to be kind and give but the fear and insecurity is too great? Does God see that we want to talk with Him and Walk with Him daily but we are too consumed by all the things we need to get done? Does God see that what we really want is pure and wholesome but we keep going to the things of this world that easily satisfy us? Does God see that we truly love Him or that we just can’t seem to say His name around others because of fear of rejection?

God knows our thoughts, God created our hearts, hands and our personalities. God knows every time we have sinned and loves us anyway. God knows we are human and that we cannot seem to get it right no matter how hard we try. God loves us.

God loves us without condition, without reason, without being acknowledged, without the love being returned. Can you imagine what it would be like to have a relationship like this with another person? That is the kind of relationship that is one sided; when one person takes and takes and the other gives and gives. Many divorces come from this equation. We don’t really want this relationship with God do we? God gives, we take, God loves and we just live…

Today, think about how God sees us daily. Think about how God knows our truest intent. Think about your relationship with God and how you can be a giver and not just a taker. This day better your relationship with God. God loves you no matter what and would welcome that love to be returned.

The eyes of God fall upon us daily what do we want for Him to see?


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