The Fire Flies, June 4, 2012 Daily Reflection

Jake with his fire fly in his cup

“It’s almost time guys. You should start seeing them soon.” I told my kids as they played in the yard on a warm summer’s evening. “The lightning bugs, the fireflies…are they coming out mom…are they?” my littlest ran to me questioning.

They ran in the back yard this way and that way; waving their hands in hot pursuit of the prize. “I lose him each time his light goes out mom.” another one of my sons commented. They jumped in the air, fell to their knees and ran like crazy “I got my 5th one mom!” my daughter shouted. They ran with their little plastic cup in hand while they held tight to the tinfoil, with tiny air holes, to keep the fire flies inside. They were in the moment chasing, watching, catching and looking at them crawling inside their cups. At the end of all the fun one by one each of my children sat their cups down upon the patio table. They opened their tin foil lids and watched as their little prizes escaped and flew off into the backyard.

The anticipation of the event; the thrill of the chase, the excitement of the catch, the pride of the prize, the awe as they released it back into nature; the summer evening fireflies. Oh, to be a child once more. It was simply that fun, pure and innocent. A gift from God to every child I know.

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