The Fog, September 10, Daily Reflection

“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.”

James 4:8

Fog settling in over the yard.

Fog settling in over the yard.

Tuesday morning the kids and I awoke to fog surrounding the house and neighborhood.  Looking out our early morning windows we could scarcely see the dim yellow of the street lights peaking out from their posts.  As the kids ran outside backpacks on ready for the walk to school they were full of questions about the settling fog.  Hands in the air feeling the moisture but not really seeing it except from a distance.  It was mysterious.  Spencer said, “It is a cloud that has touched down.”  Jake asked, “Are we walking through a cloud?”  Anna said, “You can’t even see the school building from here, it is lost in all the fog”.  The walk was full of curiosity and exploration running through the fog to see if anyone of them could catch it.

As Jake and I wandered home from dropping the kids off at school we took a picture of the fog, the one you see above.  Fog is so much like our faith.  We have faith even though we cannot see God, or touch Him.  We can feel His presence like the moisture in the air about us but it will not puddle in our hands.  We get lost inside the fog and can only see what is right in front of us like the branches of the trees you see in the forefront of the picture.  When looking out a distance you just have to believe that the trees that were there before the fog still exist in the same place. 

With God you just have to believe because your physical senses will most likely never witness God here on Earth.  Your soul recognizes God and feels His presence when you open your heart and mind to believing.  Your soul let’s you look beyond the fog and know with all that you are that God does exist and He is right there waiting for you in the distance where we cannot reach with our human hands.  

How many times are we reaching endlessly trying to grasp an understanding for what we cannot understand?  How is it that we are standing in a cloud but cannot see it?  How many times are we asking for help for our lives but we don’t ask God instead we turn to the things of this earth to help us?  If we listen to our hearts, minds and souls in the silence they will direct you to God. 

God is right there in the moisture of that cloud that surrounds you, He is also beyond the fog in the trees you cannot see for He has never moved from you since the day He created you He has been right there.  Today as you stand in that fog that weighs you down take a few moments to be in silence listen to your heart, your mind and your soul and pray this thought over and over again until you know with faith that it is true: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

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