The Frog Hopper, July 1 Daily Reflection

The Frog Hopper

My family was able to visit a little amusement park called Coney Island recently. Our children had a great time riding on all the rides. The picture above is called the Frog Hopper it is really a little kid ride and not so thrilling depending upon your age. If you look closely you can see Jake and a new friend excited and celebrating the thrill of the drop and you can also see Spencer at the other end looking rather bored and unimpressed.

We are all on the “Frog Hopper” daily; we make the decision with our attitudes whether we will be bored and unimpressed with our daily events or excited and thrilled instead. The constant grind is seldom filled with the high hills of the roller coaster but more often with the uneventful normal actions that fill our lives. Knowing this fact we make a choice, consciously or not to respond with happiness and excitement or waiting for someone to entertain us and bored with it all.

We all fit somewhere on that ride. So who are you on the Frog Hopper? Are you the kid giving a high five, Jake with a smile or Spencer bored to death and just waiting for the ride to be over? It’s your choice who will you be today?

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