The Glorious Opening, May 17 Daily Reflection

Taken at the old Ky Capital Building

Two sets of winding stairways both leading to the exact same opening; that truly captures my Dad’s theory of faith. We are all coming from different religions, experiences, families, locations, emotions, educations, cultures and lands. But we are all seeking the same opening, the same gateway to God. Call him what you want Higher Being, Allah, Buddha, or Jesus Christ. We are all trying to find what I call God. I am a practicing Catholic and I treasure my religion. I completely believe in Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity but I don’t think people of my faith belief will be the only ones next to me on the other side of that glorious opening.

Our narrow minds tend to weed out other ways of life that are so different from our own that we exclude them from our thoughts. God created each of us for a purpose. I personally believe that purpose is to journey through this life giving ourselves to others and seeking God in our presence so that one day we may reunite with God in the afterlife. God gave us life to grow, to give, to love and to return to him when our journey has been completed on this earth.  As long as your stairwell is giving, loving and growing towards goodness then you to are headed for that glorious opening.


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