The Grass in the Asphalt, November 24 Daily Reflection

Grass growing up through the asphalt of the path

Grass growing up through the asphalt of the path

As Jake was running down the path on our way home the other day the grass you see in the picture above caught my attention.  Have you ever noticed that somehow against all reason or odds grass seems to find a way to push up through asphalt and appears to spread?  It’s as though nothing can stop it’s presence, other than chemicals that will kill it but then it just comes back again months or years later.

We, who believe in God, are sometimes like that grass.  When we have the desire to please God in our hearts and cannot stifle it.  We push through that asphalt, which I see as our modern, materialistic, networking, me centered, unethical with little values world.  We push through not in a forceful, obnoxious over the top you must follow me or you will never find the true path, way.  We push through with the strength of God in our subtle actions, words and ongoing love for each other, respect and need to help others. 

 Every time we decide to help instead of hurt others even if it is a sacrifice

the grass spreads a little further.

  Every time we look out for someone else’s needs before our own we make a

little crack in the me centered world. 

 Every time we choose people to be with instead of things to buy we grow

a little taller than the asphalt. 

Every time someone sees God in our life through our generosity and desire to love others selflessly

another huge crack is revealed. 

If you notice in the picture above there is more than one place that the grass is growing.  It grows on the side of the path supported in the lawn by other grass, like our own faith communities help us to grow and develop.  Along the path there are several sprouts that one can see pushing the asphalt aside.  We have to live within our world, that’s just a fact.  However, we do not have to live as others live, we can choose to let our Light Shine in the midst of people who choose not to.  We can choose to let others see God in us and spread His love to others in hope that one day the asphalt will no longer exist, but only fields of lush green grass and not the harsh realities of the cruelty of this world.  Keep on pushing through your love, talents, action, friendship and good deeds and you will be that grass that makes a crack in the asphalt in the path of your life.

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