The Guitars, July 1 Daily Reflection

The guitars against the rocks

“Mom, you are not going to believe this! I just found 2 guitars in the rocks! Look mom, look over here!” Ethan said while he was trying to catch his breath. Then he was off again to explore some more.

We were exploring the Falls of the Ohio State Park in Indiana. My children love to run through the rocks and search for hidden treasures; fossils, fishing line, drift wood and anything else of interest. This was the first time we have ever found instruments. They were so shiny and in such good condition I believe that they were not washed up onto the rocks. They were probably placed there by their owners as they were off exploring or fishing nearby.

However, at first glance these guitars seem to stand out as unusual and out of place among the rocks, fossils, fishing line and drift wood. Often times we feel like those guitars, completely out of place. How often do we find ourselves in a situation that is not comfortable and very foreign to our regular way of life? We feel as though we may be standing out and noticeable to others.

As Christians many of us can relate to the guitars. We believe in Christ, God, faith, heaven, values and morals. While the backdrop of our lives are filled with those who sin without a care, who take what they want and have no concern for the consequences. When we care for the marginalized we stick out. When we give a dollar to the guy on the street corner we are shunned by those who say “It’s a trick you idiot, he is going to drink that!” When we give our time to volunteer and others are just trying to live it up we look odd.

We go against the grain of our culture as Christians. We are not here to cast the first stone, we have sin, we are sinners but we are trying to do as Christ taught us: To love our neighbors as ourselves. We are trying to love selflessly. We lean against the rocks of our culture and look like those guitars, shiny, well kept, in good condition and ready to give comfort to others through our instruments. We are merely the instrument and God is the musician.  Let’s continue to be like those guitars!


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