The Hidden Angel, July 16 Daily Reflection

Hidden Angel

They surround us constantly and we do not see them, at times we feel their presence and, sense their being but we never see them, the hidden angels. Hidden angels are all about us guiding us, protecting us and comforting us without looking for anything in return not even acknowledgement.

Have you ever had to deal with grief, sorrow, or an overwhelming circumstance and at some point just felt the presence of someone lifting you up? Someone may have been praying for you that you never met before; many people have prayer lines that extend well beyond the people you will ever know. God listened to those prayers.

Have you ever been stressed out and at your breaking point and a simple smile from a stranger, someone opening a door for you, or a hello in passing just seemed to break that horrible trance for a moment in time? Strangers commit simple acts of kindness daily just for the sake of being kind not searching for reward. God sent them to intervene.

Have you ever been involved in accident that afterwards you heard “If you had been driving any faster it would have been fatal, if you had fell just a little to the right you would have lost an eye?” Who held you back, who held you up, what changed that accident? God sent them to slow you down.

God is present in our lives daily but it is easy for us to look away. There are hidden angels surrounding us even now. Today look through the high grass and weeds and acknowledge them, thank God that He has given each of us such a precious daily gift; the gift of our hidden angels.

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