The Holy Family, January 17 Daily Reflection

The Holy Family

The Holy family; Mary, Joseph and Jesus with that we cannot compare. Mary was born a virgin given the opportunity to be the vessel to carry the son of God, to raise the son of God and to give Him up on a cross for the rest of the world. Joseph a descendant of David believing an angel and being loyal to a pregnant teenager of whom he had never touched, he became a father and listened to God and raised Jesus as his own. Jesus Christ the ultimate baby born beneath a star worshiped by kings, raised as a normal child and coming into His own ministry He preached to the world the Good News of God, He sacrificed His life through the brutal torture of crucifixion, all so that we may be forgiven and have an opportunity at eternal life.

As a normal family in the year 2011 we cannot compare to the holy family. We are not perfect; we have no traces of saint hood. What have we truly sacrificed to be a part of our family? We have not seen angels and would not suffer the cross for the good of others… Or would we?

Let’s take an honest look at our family, your spouse and your children. You although not untouched or visited by an angel fearing the death of stoning did not accept the mission to carry Christ. However, you did say yes to being a mom and raising a child, and there were alternatives but if you are a mom now you said yes. Whether that baby was conceived within your body or you adopted God did plan for that child to be with you. That child or children were given to you by God. Your spouse maybe not a descendant of David, not likely as pure as Joseph, still decided to spend his life with you to raise that baby, to become a dad. That baby, not the son of God, was created by God with a purpose in mind for his/her life to fulfill what God has intended. The two of you were indeed chosen by God to raise your children in the here and now to the best of your ability. You were designated by God to be that mom and to sacrifice certain wants or desires for the good of that child.

We may not be the “Holy” family but God did intend for us to look to them for guidance. Simply put they loved one another, sacrificed and followed God. We do that every day we love our children so much that without thought we would lay down our lives for them. We sacrifice our selfish desires for the good of our children constantly; do we really want to read that child’s book for the 25th time? We follow God by being the best person we can be and modeling a life of kindness and virtue for our children, we screw up constantly but we try our best and in doing so we are following God. We are trying to act as the “Holy” family did in the year 2011 and I think we are doing our best and that is what God intended.

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