A Key to Success; Preparation, November 3, 2015 Daily Reflection

Mercy District 24 Champs

Mercy District 24 Champs

Everyone wants to know the key to success. I believe I have one of the answers; preparation. Think about it. In all situations this works!

Sports teams practice in order to become more efficient in their skill level, quicker, better defensively, offensively, an understanding of the game and the end goal. 

Students; the more they listen in class, take notes, study, research, do their homework, and prepare for the test, the better they do in school.

Successful Careers, are built by people who prepare with an education, determination, goal setting, work ethic, patience, and constantly preparing for that next step.

Faith life, the more we study, understand, pray, and live our faith the more we are preparing ourselves for the Kingdom of God to reign on this earth.

The key to all success is preparation. What are you preparing for in your life? What type of success, sports, education, career, or faith? In all that you do work hard and prepare to do the best you can to glorify your father in heaven who made you to be good, and complete. Today, start preparing for your goals and you will achieve them, with patience, education, determination, and the strength of God.

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